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Our Clients

Royal Bank of Scotland
Working for RBS – now a global player in the banking and financial services sector, Grange Door Systems utilised its in-house craftsmen to install expertly and later to repair cast iron railings.

Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls is one of the largest suppliers of assembled car seats to the automotive industry, as well as being a significant player in the facilities management business across a number of key sectors. Working to their demanding specifications Grange Door Systems manufactured and installed a number of steel platforms. In addition, our dedicated team of specialists were responsible for the manufacturing and later repair of a set of revolving doors.

Bank of Scotland
Demonstrating our reputation within the highly demanding financial services sector, Grange are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of a number of electronically operated gates, barriers and roller shutters – all of which were manufactured to the highest standards by our tradesmen and engineers.

McAlpine Business Services
Working for one of the world's largest petrochemical companies, Grange are responsible for the maintenance and repair of automatic doors, as well as a number of electrically operated barriers and gates.

Marks & Spencer
Grange Door Systems is the supplier and contract repairer for loading bay doors, electrically operated barriers and fire shutters for all northern UK properties operated by the recently resurgent retail giant, M&S.

By the shores of the Dornoch Firth, Glenmorangie has been crafting their unique single malt whisky for centuries in the world famous Glen of Tranquillity. Closer to home, Grange Door Systems has been helping the company ensure that a ready supply of its much sought after Uisge Beatha, by providing installation, maintenance and repair services for loading bay doors, electrically operated barriers and fire resistant shutters to LPCB standards.

Serco is one of the world's largest outsourcing businesses, with an outstanding record of growth working on and deliverying the best and most innovative projects all across the globe. Grange Door Systems is proud of its working relationship with this outstanding company. To date, Grange has installed and repaired electrically operated barriers, gates and loading bay doors. In addition to this Grange Door Systems has also been responsible for the maintenance and repair of bomb-proof doors.
Grange Door Systems, Unit 18/8 Dryden Road, Bilston Glen Industrial Estate, Edinburgh, EH20 9LZ
Tel: 0131 440 7000 Email: sales@grangedoor.com
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